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Who Let The Dogs Out? (Woof Woof!)

Really great advice from Gabrielle.  I have had many buyers who refused to walk into a home because of a dog barking at the front door.

Dogs.  You either love them ... or not. 

When you are selling your home - you don't want to lose a potential Buyer - or even risk that a Realtor won't show the home because they or their clients are afraid of dogs, have aversions to them, don't like the way they shed, etc.

Here are a few things "not to do" if you own a dog:

Don't ask your Realtor to add "Dog Friendly" to the MLS description.  To some Real estate agents, that translates to, "Don't show this home." No one wants to deal with a dog they don't know, nor do they want to control the dog; and buyers are afraid that the dog will bite because they remember the last article in the paper they read: "pit bull mauls child" even though the family reports the dog never harmed anyone.  Also, as cute as your dog is, do not add photos of the dog to the MLS listing. 

Don't assume your home "doesn't smell like dog".  If you're a dog owner, go with knowing that there are dog odors even if you can't smell anything. It happens - people get used to smells and often, don't even know "they" smell. Clean your home - everyday! Place dog toys, crates, pillows, etc., outside away from view; vacuum daily and leave apple cider or lavender smelling scents out that absorb odors.

Don't forget the backyard.  Nothing discourages potential buyer faster than stepping in dog poop or seeing a backyard laced with droppings. Clean up the back yard everyday and make sure the grass is trimmed back so people can see what they are stepping on.

Don't opt to be home during property showings.  Legally, you have to disclose there is a dog in the home.  You'll get calls from agents that come right out and ask, "What about the dog - my clients don't like dogs?"  So, you decide to just stay home during the showing to help out.  DON'T.  If you are able to stay home, take your dog for a walk during the showing.  Staying home is a sure way for Buyers to rush through your home and make them feel awkward about looking through your closets, etc.

Don't leave your dog running free if you are at work all day.  I've had this happen and the Buyers wouldn't set one foot in the house.  Unless you can come home and quickly remove or contain your dog, it's better to ask a neighbor to dog sit, crate your dog, etc. 

Here's hoping these few tips will help successfully show and sell your home!

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Really great advice from Gabrielle. I have had many buyers who refused to walk into a home because of a dog barking at the front door. Dogs. You either love them.. or not. When you are selling your home - you don't want to lose a… more
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