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Janice Markley - A Remarkable Noevir Skin Care Representative

Janice Markley - Noevir Skin Care Consultant

www.ozarks-realestate.comA couple of years ago I joined a local BNI group in Ozark, MO, The Buck Starts Here.  If you're not familiar with BNI, it's a group of local business owners who meet once a week with the sole purpose of referring business to each other.  It operates under the "giver's gain" philosophy.  It provides us an opportunity to get to know each other and how we work in our respective professions, so when the opportunity arises, we have someone that already know and trust to refer our friends, relatives and clients to.  It has been a really great experience for me.

www.ozarks-realestate.comAbout a year ago, Janice Markley joined our group.  There really is no way for me to describe'd have to meet her in person to really understand how truly unique and amazing she is.  Janice is one of those rare people who truly care about others more than herself, but it's her enthusiasm and excitement for her work that sets her apart from others.  Sometimes I wonder if we're going to have to strap her down to her chair.  As excited as she is about her business, she's even more excited about everyone else's.  She embodies the ideal of "giver's gain."

www.ozarks-realestate.comJanice is a representative for Noevir Skin Care products.  Not just "a representative," she happens to be the top representative in all of North America!  Right Clever, MO.  Noevir is a company founded in Japan, that uses all natural ingredients for their products.  They have mastered their formula to be as close to our own skin as possible.  I think I've tried every skin care product known to man, but I agreed to take a sample kit home and try it. know I absolutely fell in love, or I wouldn't even be writing this.  Not only did I love it, I called Janice and asked for two more sample kits for my Mom and an agent in my office to try as well.  They're addicted to it now, too.   I can't explain it, but my skin has never felt better, or looked better or healthier.

www.ozarks-realestate.comI wondered if Janice would be very successful in our group since more than half of our members are male.  I mean, come many men are going to use her skin care products?  Do men even care about their skin?  Don't laugh, but it's actually the construction guys, work-outside-all-day, most masculine members of the group who have become Janice's biggest fans.  Evidently, her hand moisturizer is so powerful that it can heal even the most calloused, cracked construction worker's hands.  Her lip moisturizer is another big hit with the men, as well as the know, for those "follicle-challenged" men who don't have any hair to shield their heads from the sun.

www.ozarks-realestate.comAt first, I had to take a deep breath when I saw the pricing.  It seemed a little higher than I was use to paying.  But what I found is that when you use this product that is so natural to the skin, it doesn't take much at all.  My first purchased lasted SIX months!  Not kidding.  I wouldn't kid about something like that.  When I went back and averaged what I was paying for Lancome, or even the Oil of Olay, I realized that I was saving money using Noevir.  I ran out of facial cleanser once and grabbed some Oil of Olay while I was at the pharmacy, and was almost mad when it didn't even last me much more than a month.  It took me a while, but I did finally realize I am money ahead with Noevir.

And there's never an excuse for running out.  The best part of Noevir is that all I ever have to do is call Janice, and I have whatever I need practically in the blink of an eye.  She doesn't forget your order, she always follows up to be sure you're happy with the product, and always has a solution for whatever skin care problem you have.  Janice takes care of everything for me.  I won't betray Janice and tell her age, but let me tell you....if I even had a fraction of her energy, enthusiasm, drive and determination at my current age...I'd be setting this world on fire! 

If you're looking for a great skin care line, you don't have to commit to host a party, or sell anything to your friends.....just call Janice and ask for a sample pack.  I guarantee you'll be calling her within 48 hours and asking to purchase your first skin care line from Noevir.  And you'll never go back. 

Fair warning...Janice's awesome customer service may spoil you. 

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 About the author:  I am full-time REALTOR® with RE/MAX Solutions in Springfield, MO, and a member of the Greater Springfield Board of REALTORS®.  I have helped hundreds of families in the Springfield, Nixa, Republic and Ozark real estate markets, whether buying a home, or selling a home.  Visit my website  to search for All Springfield MO Area MLS listings.  Want to know what our market is like?  My website is also an excellent resource for current Springfield MO Area Real Estate Market Reports, as well as current market reports for Ozark, Nixa, Republic, and Rogersville.



Comment balloon 4 commentsLina Robertson Jones • September 26 2011 11:58PM


Hi Lina,

What a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman, champion of all things Noevir and brilliant networker! Janice is a role model in our company, my friend, and one who I am so proud to celebrate for her outstanding success. You have painted such a beautiful and accurate picture of Janice and of the Noevir Products! Both are superb!

By the way,you are a superb writer! I'd love to share your blog on my Noevir Business Blog. Would that be possible? I have asked Janice to be my featured consultant for the monthly newsletter and in her generous way she has asked me to spotlight her team members. I'd love to showcase your generous words to her peers and give you the credit. Warmly, Marlee Huber

Posted by Marlee Huber over 5 years ago

I love your article. I am in Janice's business group, and I agree with everything you have written about her. Especially, the part about strapping her down to her chair. I know that energy level !!

Thank you for honoring Janice with your wonderful words. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday.

Mary Lou

Posted by Mary Lou Foss over 5 years ago

Marlee - Thanks so much!  I just love Janice.  She is truly an inspiring woman to be around.  I look forward to seeing her each week.  Feel free to share the blog anywhere you'd like, and no need to credit me.  Janice is so deserving of praise, and is much too modest.  It makes me happy that someone else feels the need to celebrate her as much as I do.  Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Lou - Her energy level is like nothing I've ever seen!  You can't help but smile when you're around her.  I hope we have the opportunity to meet as well.  :)

Posted by Lina Robertson Jones, REALTOR® Serving Springfield, Nixa and Ozark, MO (RE/MAX Solutions and RE/MAX House of Brokers) over 5 years ago

Lena...what a lovely tribute to Janice...and I don't think any of us could have penned it as well as you have. Janice has been an inspiration to me in her enthusiasm and zeal for life and success. Knowing her is a true pleasure, and she has become an honored friend. Those who encounter her are sure to have been blessed!

Posted by DaRinda Baggett over 5 years ago